Departure: June 30th

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First post

So, this is my first post. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with all of my family and friends this way. Bear with me though cuz, I'm just learning how to do this.

So, tonight we're going to go out on our swings and roast marshmallows and just relax together as a famly. Here's a picture of the swings. Dave built them! Yes, he's amazing! There's a fire pit in the middle. In fact it's almost dusk so I better go get our tiki torches lit.


The Raudenbush Family said...

Congrats on your first post! Looking forward to reading more from you!

Nichole said...

Joleen!! I'm so glad to see you joining in on the blogging fun... Yep, I found ya! Also, see ya starting one for your Piano Power too, this is great! Let us know if you need any more work for marketing materials, we have our printer up and running!!!
I do look forward to more posts from ya to keep in touch! Feel free to join our family blog too :)

Tony and I miss those swings and small group chats on them! Always in our prayers... thanks for being such a blessing to me! Enjoy blogging and talk soon.

Christy said...

Okay, I just wrote a whole book and now I have to retype it because it was somehow erased when I was prompted to create an account.
Arlington Beach is your favorite place in the whole world?? That is sad. I know Dave does not share your love for the lake.
We are heading there in about 17 days now. I sure wish you could go. We had fun when we meet ya all there a couple of years ago. I will miss making bets with Jonathan. We have a long lay over in Calgary so our favorite brother has offered to meet us at the airport and take us our for lunch.
Love and miss you.