Departure: June 30th

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ten things that bring me joy!

1. My husband shaving off his goatee
2. Nylons that don't roll down around my hips
3. laughing so hard I snort
4. A whole day in my pajamas
5. Riding in a van with five teenage boys who need a shower (Only because it's so bad it makes me laugh)
6. The Mega Pack of Prisma colored pencils
7. Those socks that have an indiviual place for each toe! I don't have any but I know they'd bring me joy
8. Getting the hiccups and the burps at the same time. (does that only happen to me? It's very funny)
9. Not burning dinner again!
10. A Venti Carmel Machiato whole milk, whipped cream.(I especially like ordering this just after some one in front of me smugly ordered a non-fat grande Latte.)

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