Departure: June 30th

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jon's family and friends letter

All our family and friends should expect to recieve a letter similar to the one below in a few weeks.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing to tell you about an amazing opportunity that I have this summer. I have been selected to be part of an eighteen person youth missions team to Champfleuri, France.  Champfleuri is in the southeastern part of France and is near the town of Grenoble.  Although France does not seem like a typical misison field, it is in fact in great need. Less than 1% of France considers themselves to be evangelical Christians.

Our team will leave on June 30th and return on July 16th.  We as teenagers have the amazing opportunity to minister to French youth at a camp run by Christian missionaries. Our team will assist in language workshops, outdoor activites, and most importantly building strong and meaningful relationships in which we can share the gospel with the people.  I am so excited to be part of this team and to work with an ongoing Christian ministry.  I hope to not only share my faith with others but be challenged in my faith and to grow closer to God through this experience.  the kind of spiritual growth that can be gained through this type of trip is so much more than I could hope to acheive her on my own.  I hope to come back from this tirp with a renewed love for others and for God.

If you are willing to assist our trip financially, I would be very thankful.  Each individual is asked to raise at least $1200 for the trip.  (Please see our donate link)

Thank you for your support. I look forward to sharing about my trip with all of you.

In Christ,

Jon Steel

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Nichole said...

I think this trip is such an AWESOME plan!
I will be praying for you all... God will make a way.

Hugs from the Allens. Keep in touch!!