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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My favorite place on earth

This is my favorite place on earth. It's the lake in Canada where my parents live.
That dock in the picture has many memories. My first time catching a fish, the summer we floated candles out on the lake, the winter we caught cat fish through holes in the ice. I remember swimming off that dock with my Grandmother and getting into Grandpa's row boat. I'll never forget the waves this small lake is capable of producing and the hundreds of gulls who show up to feed. I"ve sat on the end of that dock with my feet in the water thinking about my first year of college approaching, Crying over lost love, Rejoicing over love found, Praying for my family and friends and so much more.
Yes, this is my favorite place on earth. A wobbly dock on a lake in Canada.

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Nichole said...

Joleen... this is absolutely breathtakingly stunning!
Just plain, WOW!

Thanks for sharing those thoughts too...