Departure: June 30th

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, I am confused. For the past two days Matthew has been running, jumping, and acting like nothing is wrong with him. These episodes of not walking and being in apparent pain are so wierd.

We did go to the orthodpedic specialist yesterday. He ruled out Perthes, and Lukemia, and Lyme and a bunch of other scary stuff. Just when I was starting to think he was about to say, 'He's having growing pains, go home and let him rest and give him some vegetables!"

He says,
"What he's experiencing is not typical of growing pains and we need to rule out tumors or blood poisoning in the bones. " So, he's scheduled Matt for a bone scan on Nov.19th.

I am not freaking out! Really! I just can't see how it could be something like that. He's so completely normal today. Besides, if we are about to get some horrible news it won't do any good to freak out about now. (Yes, I'm preaching to myself)

So, we wait!
We watch for any further episodes.
We go the appointment on the 19th.

We'll keep you posted.

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