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Friday, January 22, 2010

Out of Season

So, I've been amazed at how God has continued to use Tony the Tiger Swallowtail as living reminder of things that are out of season. (see blog below) Here's a list of a few things in my life right now that are out of season (or seem to be at the wrong time)

1. My Dave and I are no longer Pastor and Mrs. Joleen Steel. We're just Dave and Joleen. Something we did not expect to happen at this season of our lives. It feels strange and yet, curiously right for now. One of our boys told us that he realized he was not trusting the Lord as much as he thought he was. he said, "It's much harder to be a Christian now that Dad's not a pastor. Now, I have to do right even though no one is watching me!" Wow! did that blow us away! We're so thankful for this out of season season that has brought such an amazing revelation to our household. Do we serve God and do what's right because of Dave's title or in spite of it? We've had some amazing family devotions to discuss this topic.

2. We put our house on the market and within four days we had a full price offer! Unheard of, I'm told. Definetely something that is out of season with this current market. We'll let you know what happens with the house thing as it's still unfolding.

3. We may have sold our house but we have no idea where we are going! It feels sort of like a free fall of faith of going on. We're not afraid though. (Sometimes I'm a bit anxious and have to have a good cry) However, we are trusting this out of season event is completely within God's season for us.

4. By selling our house it looks like I'll have to give up my beloved baby grand piano. Okay, so maybe I bought it for $200.00 from a church and it's not that beautiful. It is beautiful to me though and I've gotten very attached to it. I recently wrote something in my diary about holding onto things loosely and holding onto Christ tightly. Hmmm... can I? will I? Seems silly to even ask the question. Yet, my statement is being put to the test for real.

5. Over the past four years, God has helped me build an amazing piano business. I have three teachers working for me and between us we have 52 students. We just had an amazing recital that I've gushed unashamedly about on facebook and here in the blog. If God calls us to a new ministry and a new location I will have to walk away from it all. It's not just the money, in fact it's really not about the money. I love teaching piano, training my teammates, building my website ( ) so much, I'd probably do it for free if my family would let me. It's..... what is it? I guess I'd say it's the students and their parents. I just can't see how I'd walk away from them. They have become dear to me. I'm in their homes every week and feel sort of like I have all these extended aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews that I'd never see again. Totally out of season, the wrong time to walk away. (Still don't know if that's going to happen by the way if you're attached in anyway to piano power don't panic yet.)

But, God is using these out of season events to stretch my faith. Do I trust that He has the best plan for me. For us? Will my out of season proove to be His in season? I believe it will. And if it is His in season it will be mine as well. I just don't know it yet.

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