Departure: June 30th

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well, any prospects of moving out of the area in the next few months are on hold. This is happy news to our boys but a faith stretch for Dave and I. The church we've been in contact with has delayed their hiring for awhile due to financial considerations. We may hear back in a few months if they decide to proceed with their process.

I must admit it's a huge faith free fall here. Yet, we've been here before.

God always gives us a parachute. Always!

It's just that we never know when our parachute will deploy.

One time, when we were living in Dallas TX. I got so sick that I had to stop working for three months (Our only source of income at the time as Dave was going to Seminary) I can still remember lying on the living room couch reading "Hinds Feet on High Places." when the doorbell rang. Someone delivered a large check to us to help us with rent and food for the month. It wasn't long before Dave's home church of Flushing MI also sent us a large monetary gift. Each day, there were people showing up to clean my house or buy us groceries or just sit and pray with me. When I think back on that time I see a parachute that's so huge it flung us high into the hemisphere of praise and faith.

And, I will never forget the parachute God sent us when our son Matthew was ill and in the hospital. So many people from Grace Valley Fellowship came to hospital to pray with us and to support us. I'd start naming you all but I'm afraid I'd forget someone. Returning home with a healthy boy was a miracle! The prayer warriors were like so many brightly colored patches in our parachute. They held us together and held us up to the Lord. Thank you!

So, when I say we've been here before, It is true. I actually think I feel the tug of the strings as the parachute is beginning to billow behind us. This one's going to be huge people! Hold onto your shoulder straps we're going up!

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